An easy beginner sweater with little shaping. The rolled hem detail adds some interest. This sweater is based on a hand knit pattern that was easy to convert to machine knitting.

Machine Type

Standard gauge with ribber


  • About 220g of Holst Garn Coast, which is a light fingering cotton and wool blend.

This yarn does come on cones, which is a treat for machine knitting. The yarn does bloom considerably after washing, so it’s very important to wash your tension swatch the same way you plan to wash your garment, before measuring your gauge.




  • Ribbing
  • Seaming
  • Short rows for shoulder and neckline shaping

For the rolled hem, you’ll want to do an e-wrap cast on, knit a few rows, and then transfer the ribber stitches for the 2×2 ribbing.


224-021 Weiter Pullover / Boxy Sweater by Lang Yarns (free pdf download)