Here are a few beginner machine knitting resources I recommend if you are new to machine knitting.

  • Diana Sullivan’s beginner machine knitting series covers a variety of techniques and is freely available on YouTube.
  • Susan Guagliumi’s Machine Knitting: Essential Techniques class on Craftsy. In addition to learning important basic techniques for machine knitting, I also learned a few useful tips which made the class worthwhile. The videos and audio are extremely high quality and easy to follow along. That said, I wasn’t particularly interested in any of the class projects, but luckily that’s taken care of with the next class.
  • Renée Callahan’s Machine Knitting: Sweater Basics is the class I wish existed when I tried to make my first sweater! It would have made my life so much easier. I went down a complicated road of trying to create a knitting pattern based on Grainline Studio’s Hemlock Tee, and that was before the knitting even began. Save yourself the trouble and get Renee’s class which comes with a lovely, modern sweater pattern. Then you can just focus on learning to use your knitting machine.

Once you have successfully completed those video series, you should have a good grasp of the basics and be able to complete all kind of fun projects.